Illustration by Allison Seiffer

Illustration by Allison Seiffer

Slices of Life: A food writer cooks through many a conundrum

Running press, 2014

“Smart, honest, literate, funny – very funny – and packed with recipes for happy days and calamitous ones, Slices of Life is bound to find a place in your heart and your kitchen.”
Dorie Greenspan, author of Around My French Table

 “This book bubbles over with Leah's love of food, and her belief in the profound importance of eating—and cooking—together with family and friends. The recipes are great, too!”
Ted Allen, host of the Food Network's Chopped

“Leah Eskin's writing is like her food--honest, heartfelt, and tremendously appealing. She writes about the challenges of modern family life with wit and good humor, and firmly believes that good food will make any day better.”
Jack Bishop, editorial director of PBS’s America's Test Kitchen

“I feel like I’ve discovered a treasured writer who I didn’t know existed, on par with Laurie Colwin and M.F.K. Fisher. For me, reading Eskin’s essays is like taking a graduate course in creative writing. I keep studying her sentences, dissecting her use of personal pronouns and marveling at her choice of words.”

Andrea Weigl, The News Observer

 “For charm, you can’t beat Leah Eskin’s memoir and cookbook, Slices of Life. [Eskin] brings an irreverent humor, cool precision, and gustatory gusto to her accounts of American family life.” 
 Betsy Andrews, Saveur

“Leah Eskin's recipes are seamlessly interwoven into her reminiscences, vignettes of domestic life, and culinary aperçus, and the result is as charming as it is practical.”
Colman Andrews, editorial director of

 “A recipe is always better when preceded by a story. And here's a whole cookbook of recipes preceded by stories. I'd be anxious enough to try these recipes (hello Emergency Cherry Pie and Cheerful Risotto and Beach House Spaghetti and Cowboy Cookies), but now I'm desperate to. The only thing bad about this cookbook is you can't decide what to make first.
Elizabeth Berg, author of Tapestry of Fortunes

“This heartfelt diary filled with touching bites of everyday life, whisked together with do-able daily recipes that really work, make this book a must-read. It’s filled with accounts of real life problems and dilemmas, made easier to swallow by combating them with food and cooking. But bring a tissue, you’ll feel so much joy reading this, you’ll cry.
Gale Gand, James Beard award-winning pastry chef, cookbook author, and television personality