"Leah Eskin is the poet laureate of recipes." -- BBQ hotshot Meathead Goldwyn

I write about food and other urgent matters.

My column, "Home on the Range," runs weekly in the Chicago Tribune and other news outlets. You can find links on the Column page of this site.

I also write features; I've posted a few favorites on the Stories page.

I teach writing and cooking and am the author of the memoir "Slices of Life: A Food Writer Cooks through Many a Conundrum" (details on the Book page). I'd be happy to visit your book group, read at your event, or coach you through baking a pie.  I also love hearing from readers (and seeing your pix). You can contact me below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy cooking (or reading), 


Illustrations are by Allison Seiffer. Photos are courtesy of the Chicago Tribune (see individual photo and styling credits).

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